Serving At Worship

Acolytes assist the clergy before, during and after services as crucifers or torch bearers or in other capacities. At St. Christopher’s, children 12 and over have the opportunity to become a participant in our Sunday service by serving as an acolyte. This role is vital to the movement and flow of our Sunday service; acolytes light the altar candles, lead the procession at the beginning (and the end) of the service, begin the collection by the initial passing of the offering plates to the ushers and extinguish the candles at the end of service. Acolytes may also be called upon to help our presiding clergy in other ways as well. Serving in this role is a wonderful way for tweens and teens to learn more about the worship life of the church and to deepen their relationship with the Almighty. (Contact Skip Irvine at

Altar Guild
Members prepare the sanctuary, arrange flowers, clean and maintain the altar, vessels and vestments necessary for worship. Belonging to the Altar Guild makes an important contribution to our weekly services and is also personally rewarding. The time commitment is minimal. It amounts to an hour on Saturday mornings and Sunday briefly after church service, for two weekends in a row just a few times a year. (Contact March Pepper (610) 649-5997, or Donna Hammond 610-658-2344,

Chalice Bearers
Chalice bearers are designated people who assist the clergy in the administering of the chalice during Holy Eucharist and are usually licensed by the Diocese to perform these duties. (Contact Hillary Raining (610) 642-8920, ext. 11,

Lay Readers
Lectors who are designated readers of the biblical lessons in all of our worship services. Volunteers read the Lectionary Readings appointed for the day and lead the congregation in the saying of the Psalm. (Contact Shawna Minnucci (610) 642-8920, ext. 10,

Prayers of the People
Persons from the congregation lead in the Prayers of the People, giving God our prayers as a community. (Contact Shawna Minnucci (610) 642-8920, ext. 10,

A key part of the lay ministry at St. Christopher’s is the role of usher. Ushers offer hospitality to all who enter for worship-both friend and stranger.  Ushers distribute bulletins, assist in seating, provide help if needed, helping with the weekly collections, recording the weekly attendance for parish records and guide the congregation during administration of Holy Eucharist. Ushering is a fun and easy way to stay active at St. Christopher’s, and feel like one is giving back to the parish.(Contact Shawna Minnucci (610) 642-8920, ext. 10,

Worship Committee
The Worship Committee meets to discuss worship services and seeks to implement parishioner suggestions into services.  In addition, the Worship Committee teaches and instructs the congregation on “why we do what we do” and the meaning and symbolism behind our worship.

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