Baptism is administered on four Sundays throughout the year during the worship service: in January on the Sunday of the Baptism of Jesus Christ; the first Sunday after Easter; in May, on the first Sunday of Pentecost; and in November, on All Saints’ Sunday. Adults and parents of young children are asked to attend Baptismal instruction before the sacrament of Baptism is administered. Arrangements for instructions and private baptisms may be made by contacting the Clergy.


The Episcopal Church believes that marriage is intended to be a life-long physical and spiritual union between husband and wife.  The marriage service is the occasion when the couple declares, in the presence of God and in the midst of God’s people, their intention to live together in the covenant of marriage.  Any couple desiring to be married at St. Christopher’s should accept this basic understanding of marriage.

All people are welcome to join in the life and worship of the Episcopal Church.  We are a sacramental church and emphasize the major sacraments of baptism and Eucharist.  Marriage is also a sacrament.  Sacraments are “outward and visible signs of inward and spiritual grace.”  The clergy take seriously their sacramental responsibility and therefore do not dispense sacraments freely without certain requirements being fulfilled.

Any marriage celebrated at St. Christopher’s must be done in accordance with the canons (laws) of the Episcopal Church and the form followed will be that of the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.  The couple must also meet the requirements of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Click here to view some of the most important basic requirements of the canons and the parish.

Funeral Services

Funeral services are available for both members and non-members of the parish. The fee schedule for the elements that may be included are as follow:

Member Non Member
Church Use $0 $400
Clergy $250 (1 Clergy) $275 (1 Clergy)
$350 (2 Clergy) $375 (2 Clergy)
Graveyard Service $100 $150
Organist $250 $250
Outside Musicians $150 $150
Bench Fee $200 $200
Reception (Food not Included) $200 $200
Churchyard Fee $175 $175
Office Administration Fee $175 $175

We request payment be made one week prior to the service.

Separate checks should be made payable to the church, organist and the musicians.

Churchyard Burial

Simple graves mark the lawn southwest of the church building in the area called the Churchyard. Members of St. Christopher’s may be buried here. The design of uniform gravestones and the low drywall that designates the Cremation area are planned for an effect of stillness and peace, with a feeling of openness and space.

The church provides perpetual care for the gravesites. Cut flowers and potted plants are permitted for a limited time on certain occasions. Permanent plantings are not permitted on or near graves.


Parishioners may purchase an individual or a family of gravesites by inquiring at the office (610-642-8920 or staff@saintchristophers.org)

Full lot (8 graves) $11,200
Half lot (4 graves) $5,400
2 graves $2,900
1 grave $1,500
Cremation site $450


A Certificate of Right of Sepulcher (a deed) is issued as proof of ownership which is in perpetuity. If not used a certificate may be sold back to St. Christopher’s Church for the purchase price.

Head Stones

Head stones must conform to those in the Churchyard, that is, height: 3 1/2 feet from the surface of the ground, width: 22 inches, and thickness not to exceed 3 inches. Stones must be white marble or light gray Vermont granite.

In the Cremation Area stones must be light gray granite flat stones, flush to the ground 24 inches long by 8 inches wide and 4 inches. The head of the Churchyard Committee must approve the final design of all memorial stones.

Headstones may be purchased from any company. One that has provided excellent service for many years is H.C. Wood Monument Co., Lansdowne, PA (610-622-0550).

Funeral Homes

Any undertaker may be engaged for services at St. Christopher’s. Funeral homes will assist with all planning, cemetery arrangements, required forms, obituaries, the choice of burial cases, miscellaneous church fees and other names.


The Memorial fund is a popular way for parishioners and friends to give in memory of loved ones. The fund supports a variety of needs including but not limited to upkeep of the building and the grounds, guest preachers, and memorial hymns.

Donations are documented in a memorial book. Plaques along the church hallway list the loved ones whom have been honored.

Those interested in donating to the Memorial Fund may contact the office or the head of the Churchyard Committee.

Prayer Requests

We welcome any and all requests for prayer. For a month’s time, your requested prayer will be offered at Sunday Services.  In order to make a request, please provide the following information, either on the cards that are found in the pews, which can be placed in the offering plate.

You can also email a request to the office at staff@saintchristophers.org and indicate your Name, Need and Name of person making the request.  Requests may be renewed by card or phone, (610-642-8920).  Emergency requests may be phoned to the church office.

Donating Flowers

Please consider giving flowers for the altar. This gift is a meaningful way to contribute to our Sunday morning worship and can be in memory of a loved one or in celebration of a birthday, anniversary or special achievement.

For more information and availability, call Frederica Hammerstrom at (610) 649-3811 or email rica542@verizon.net.