“How lovely is your dwelling place, Lord Almightly!”

– Psalm 84:1

As stewards of this part of God’s creation, one of the most important parts of our church ministry is the care of our Church and Parish Hall and the beautiful grounds surrounding them. The upkeep of the simple but elegant architecture of our church and its setting on a remarkable property in Gladwyne can easily be taken for granted. Nevertheless, the maintenance of our property assures that this peaceful and attractive setting will continue to attract many people to worship as well as be a great comfort to the parish.

Courtyard Committee

The Courtyard at St. Christopher’s was created, basically, as an oasis for rest and meditation, but it also serves as a place for conversation and gatherings. Our volunteers review, maintain and upgrade plantings in the Courtyard and in areas outside the courtyard, contiguous to the church buildings. Jobs include weeding, light pruning, clipping of spent blooms, edging, and watering, as needed. Volunteers work 1-2 hours on assigned weeks (1-3 times) during the gardening season (approx. April – September), working singly or with friends or family.

Join us and enjoy the Courtyard. For information, contact Judy Moneta, Chair, or the Church Office 610-642-8920.

Annual Cleanup Day

Other than these two special areas, the Property Warden often calls upon the parish for special projects. An example of this would be an annual “cleanup day” which may entail anything from cleaning out storage spaces to building picnic tables as we did this past year. These are fun occasions which call upon the whole parish to roll up their sleeves and keep us looking fresh and neat.

If you have a green thumb, or consider yourself a bit “handy” please speak to the Property Warden about how you might contribute to this needed and satisfying part of our ministry.