Testimonials from some parishioners who joined St. Christopher’s over the last few years:

“Finding a spiritual home can be a daunting and emotional challenge. For me, finding St. Christopher’s was providential. Its culture respects and values many differing views and encourages intellectual curiosity. Its New England architecture and unique family disposition provides me with a sense of peace. But that’s not enough. I’m especially gratified that our small congregation is the largest contributor to Outreach activities in the Diocese. St. Christopher’s has become the center of my religious and spiritual life.”

Susan H.

“A few years ago, Shelly and I were not looking for a church, but instead were looking for something to do with our five kids on a beautiful spring afternoon.  Shelly suggested we take them to Azalea Day at St. Christopher’s.  What we found, in addition to moon bounces and cotton candy, was a community that felt wholesome and comfortable, and a group of people we would want to get to know better.  Every time we went back (for church, Sunday school, after-church coffee, future Azalea Days, etc.), our affinity for the St. Christopher’s community grew.”

Todd and Shelly S.

MY CHURCH  (A poem by John C, with thanks to St. Christopher’s member George W.)
After sixty-six years I am leaving the church,
Leaving the church I was born in.
It’s only the truth when I say it’s a lurch
And half of my soul is in mourning.

But there was no need at all for a rigorous search
Fore I found a new sunrise a-dawning.
At St. Christopher’s church, I lit on a charming new perch
And I bask in the sun’s rays all morning!