Our Programs

At St. Christopher’s Church, we value community outreach and programs for the members of our parish.  We maintain an active outreach program as well as many programs for members of all ages.

Youth Programs

Sunday School & Youth Group

Sunday School is offered for children in preschool-1st grade, 2- 6th grade and youth group is 7-12th grade. Classes are taught by volunteers who use the Weaving God’s Promises curriculum. Sunday School and Youth group start at 9:30 on Sudnays and end at 11. Our youth groups also has many retreat weekends to enhance our learning and meet with other teens.

Confirmation Class is for youth ages 13 and up who are ready for the sacrament of confirmation. This class is taught by Skip Irvine, our Acolyte leader.

First Communion is a 5 week course which prepares our children for participation in Eucharist.  It is taught to 3rd graders by Paul Wright, a member of St. Christopher’s Vestry.

Programs for Families

St. Christopher’s offers many opportunities for families to spend time together and with the other members of the parish. We have Family FUN days and family OUTREACH days scheduled throughout the year. These trips are often made along side our active youth group, and they provide for great community.

 Programs for Children


Our Nursery is a beautiful room with plenty for little ones to do while parents can attend service. The nursery is fully staffed and opens at 9:45 for drop off and closes at 11:15 on Sunday morning.  A pager system is also in place to put parents at ease.

Sunday School (K-6th)
Our Sunday School program is led by dedicated, enthusiastic and nurturing volunteer teachers. Our younger congregants deepen their understanding of the God and the Bible through the “Living the Good News” curriculum. Songs, crafts, games, and Bible stories help to convey a message of God’s Love and Christian community.   Sunday school begins at 10:00 AM.  On Holy Eucharist Sundays, children join their parents for the latter half of the service.  On Morning Prayer Sundays, classes run the full hour or so of the service.

First Communion
Another important sacrament of the church, First Communion is taught as a five week course for third graders, also by a volunteer teacher.  It stresses the role which young people can play in one of God’s most obvious signs of his love for us.

Adult Programs

Outreach – St. Christopher’s Church maintains an active Outreach program that is designed to improve the lives of disadvantaged people locally, nationally, and throughout the world.  In particular, we seek to use both cash grants and direct involvement to support organizations that empower the less fortunate to reach their full potential.

Azalea Day – Azalea Day is the annual highlight of our experience as a church. This Springtime Fair, always the Saturday before Mother’s Day, is not only a spectacular family event, with rides, games, fabulous food, flea markets, books, raffles and more, it is also one of the strongest contributors to our Outreach program

Coffee Hour – St. Christopher’s coffee hour is one of a kind. It is a weekly event bringing together old and new friends hosted entirely by the parish members. Thank you to everyone who hosted coffee hour throughout the year. The simple pleasure of gathering as friends and fellow parishioner’s on a Sunday morning is always enhanced by a warm drink and a yummy treat.

Social Evenings – Throughout the year we have special evenings when we gather in the Parish Hall for a pot luck dinner, often with a seasonal theme, such as Oktoberfest or Mardi Gras. The food, drink and fellowship are off the charts, as we informally gather to deepen our friendships, to laugh and to just be together. We also organize excursions to sites and events in our area, especially the Family Fun Events to such places as the Linvilla Orchards, where we hayride surrounded by the Autumn colors and sample the apple harvest. Check the Events Calendar on the Home Page to see what’s coming up!

Courtyard Committee – The Courtyard at St. Christopher’s was created, basically, as an oasis for rest and meditation, but it also serves as a place for conversation and gatherings. Our volunteers review, maintain and upgrade plantings in the Courtyard and in areas outside the courtyard, contiguous to the church buildings. Jobs include weeding, light pruning, clipping of spent blooms, edging, and watering, as needed. Volunteers work 1-2 hours on assigned weeks (1-3 times) during the gardening season (approx. April – September), working singly or with friends or family.

Pastoral Care – Our Rector and Lay Eucharistic Visitors make regular visits each week to many of our current and former parishioners who have difficulty attending church, who are bedridden, in hospital, or just need to stay close to home.

Stewardship – St. Christopher’s operating budget is supported entirely through the Annual Giving of its parishioners. Pledging enables the church to plan its activities, to attract talented clergy and staff, and to provide a thoughtful and active community of faith, fellowship, and ministry.

Adult EducationAdult Education is comprised of programs directed toward the relationship of Christianity, life, and issues of the day. Such programs consist of lectures, discussions, and social interaction, including the Adult Forum, a discussion that takes place nearly every Sunday after the 10:00 a.m. Worship Service, and two Bible study groups, which meet weekly. One Bible Study meets at 7:00 on Tuesday mornings at the Schneider’s home at 918 Merion Square Road in Gladwyne. A second convenes at 9:30 on Wednesday mornings at Waverly Heights in the Manor House Dining Room. In addition, there are occasional special programs that bring in speakers who are authorities in different areas of concern and interest.