“They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.”

– Acts 2:42

As members of a Christian Community we know how important it is to join together and learn more about each other with fellowship. In 2015, St. Christopher’s Fellowship Committee was created, following the disciples example by combining the Activity and Hospitality Committees. The new committee is responsible for the planning and hosting of social activities throughout the year. The Fellowship Committee meets monthly with an ongoing check to evaluate past offerings and to come up with future events. Each event has a “go to” person who is responsible for organizing and implementing the action plan. The committee works together in this important and engaging ministry.

Most recently, the Fellowship Committee has led the following programs:

  • Kitchen Clean Out
  • Receptions after Evensong and Scott Drackley Piano Concert
  • Masters Watch Party
  • Welcome Table at Azalea Day
  • Azalea Day volunteer thank you party at the Rectory
  • Walk St. Christopher’s 1950
  • Christmas Tree Bonfire
  • Ladies Night Out
  • St. Christopher’s Men’s Club
  • First Thursday at Saxby’s

St. Christopher’s Fellowship Committee welcomes parishioners interested in helping to cultivate a strong, inclusive and fun experience for all through the Church’s fellowship program. Whether you want to be on the committee, or just lend a hand for a particular event, please contact Linda McConnell.

Coffee Hour

Held after services every Sunday, coffee hour is the perfect time and place to meet new friends and catch up with old ones.

Newcomers Classes

Recently established, there is newcomer’s classes taught by the Rector to help welcome people to both the faith and the community.

Newcomers Coffee Hour

Done annually, the Coffee Hour for Newcomers is held to welcome newcomers and curious visitors to our faith community.

Letters and Notes

Not only do we send notes and letters to members on the dates of imporant events (birthday or wedding/ baptism/ confirmation anniversary), we also write notes to new members or visitors, welcoming them to our parish family.

Welcome Packages

In addition to lovely handwritten notes we also provide new members with welcome packages.

Flowers and Cards

Altar flowers and cards are delivered to those who were unable to join us for worship.